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Motion Car Simulator

Feel the G-Forces of the car with this motion simulator set up.

Product Description

Perfect if you really want to make a statement!  We are currently the only company offering car simulators with actual motion!  Hire these for your event, or even just for your party at home.
We don’t settle for second best and neither should you.  With our set up we use only arcade strength equipment.

Available for hire as single units or 4 players for extreme team racing!
Bass pumping sound with subwoofer
40″ HD screens for superb graphics

Accurate Motion Simulation

  • It’s the ultimate enhancement for car racing

Force Feedback Steering Wheel

  • Arcade strength feedback
  • Full arcade size wheel and peddles (doesn’t feel like a toy!)
  • Paddle shift for manual drivers

Multi-Game Setup

  • Easy menu navigation to select different game (Check out the video preview for details)
  • Perfect combination of Rally, Formula 1, and Street Racing
  • Instructions available for in-game configuration.  For corporate events we recommend a Race Coordinator (Please contact us for rates)



Best watched in HD

Space Required: 90 x 150cm (per single unit)